“We photograph to remember.”

Weddings and Celebrations
Margaretta’s widely-recognized style is elegant and natural. She helps her clients articulate their heartfelt desires, and approaches each wedding with meticulous planning. In black and white and/or color photographs, she creates a pictorial narrative of the wedding day by capturing the spontaneity, radiance, humor and emotion-filled moments as they are lived, not posed. As a result, the wedding album becomes a romantic memory book for the bride and groom and a treasure for generations.

A fine portrait is a work of art, expressing what it means to be human, creating a treasure for all time. Margaretta brings out one's natural self in front of the camera. She believes that real people being themselves make the most beautiful portraits, the most beloved family heirlooms, and the most successful business images. Whether on location or in the studio, you will find Margaretta's personable approach makes the experience of being photographed surprisingly enjoyable.

Nothing is as special as our images of children we love. Children’s Portraits Over Time is a program based on four portrait sessions over two years. It is a subscription for a series of expressive moments that document the significant changes of early childhood, and form the beginning of a family archive.

Baby Suites is a program based on a collection of close-up baby images (face, eyes, fingers, toes, feet and hands, the curves and the creases), with all the details arranged into a stunning collage, printed to last on fine watercolor paper, titled, dated and signed by the artist. Either program may also be produced as a unique photography album, imprinted with your child's name.

General Information

Sales tax
Photographic services, materials and prints are subject to California state sales taxes.

Deposits and reservation fees
One-half of the portrait or event fee is payable in advance to reserve time for photography. The deposit is non-refundable.

In order to best serve clients and to protect and preserve their images, all negatives remain with Margaretta Mitchell. It is assumed that the photographs are for the clients’ personal use and that any form of reproduction or any other use must be agreed upon in advance by client and photographer. Margaretta reserves the right to publish any photographs in order to promote her services, and/or to include them in exhibits of her work. In all cases, the images are copywritten under the name Margaretta K. Mitchell and are subject to U.S. and international copyright laws.

Margaretta K. Mitchell