Dear Friends,

 I promised that I would move more quickly and stay in touch with this webnews format. So here we are ready for the Fall Newsletter.

As you know from summer news, I have successfully launched my new digital photography in the form of my Face to Face program. If you are curious, view the details of this kind of portraiture, priced at a fraction of the cost of my custom work. I am doing it again the 13th and 14th of November. So please tell your friends and come to have a great image of your head and shoulders ready for the web and available for printing as well.

For those of you who have not had enough of the newsletters There is a link above where you can keep track older issues. Enjoy!

Don’t forget that I am always ready to make a portrait of family and produce the timeless custom work for which I am best known. You can have fine photographs printed on archival paper to museum standards. These images are investments that will last.

News of the day: It is all about books, private books that I am producing for clients. It all began in 1996 when I made an artist’s book, English Gardens, printed in the newest digital technology of that time (called Iris printing). The book was printed in an edition of 30 copies of which I have only a very few left. (If you are interested in obtaining a copy, let me know, and I will tell you the price. Have at least $1000 handy; you can see the way an artist book can increase in value over the years.)

I have photographed gardens for many years, often for landscape architects. One of these gardens is a beautiful Sausalito hillside property with cascades of roses and brick paths, whose owner saw the images and commissioned me to make a book that could match the English Garden book: the perfect gift for his wife for Christmas.

The next garden book was another gift of a husband to his wife. In the hills of the San Francisco East Bay, this shade garden is documented in a series of images that include a portrait of the owners and their family dog: another treasure gift book.

In 2008 I produced a commemorative book of a venerable summer property in New Hampshire. Besides the one hundred year history in words and pictures the pages are filled with my photographs of the house, garden, pond and views of the landscape. This book was produced in an edition of 35 copies: the perfect family keepsake for now and generations to come.

Currently, I am at work on two books: one is a garden book of an elegant garden in which a family birthday is celebrated on a bright August afternoon; the other is a different kind of book combining words and historical and family pictures in a text of over two hundred pages. This memoir honors the author’s immigrant background and recounts his successful law career.

I am always available to make family albums and archives for my clients. Please ask about this service.

Please link to Your Garden Book, for more information about the process of photography and book producing. And, of course, kindly pass it on to anyone who might be interested in my services.

Best wishes,

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Margaretta K. Mitchell