NEWSLETTER :: OCTOBER 2009 (continued)

FACE to FACE: Your Best Personal and Professional Image

A Special Portrait Event

Sign up for a daylight individual close-up portrait
(commercially called a “headshot”)

Friday, November 13
Saturday, November 14, 2009

Reservations and information:
Only a limited number of sittings are available during this event.
Please reserve your space now to get the hour you want.

A well-crafted portrait is a special experience. I have found that the increased demand for a website “headshot” means that clients often do not want a print at all. The image is not for the wall but for the web! This contemporary stylish close-up portrait for commercial and personal networking purposes meets the needs of today’s world where we all meet face to face on the computer monitor.

Call 510.655.4920
or email:

This announcement of my new program in digital portraiture introduces you to a special portrait event for November 2009.

These events have been fabulous! Here are a few testimonials to share with you:

“From start to finish getting a portrait with Margaretta Mitchell is fun. No pressure, lots of laughs and my final result reminds me of my high school yearbook photo. Pretty good for someone with an 8 year old grandson!”—Jackie Leventhal

“Your awesome eye and sense of scene has given my art a huge jolt. The images you have captured in your fascinating style, will assure my work will be noticed and remembered.”—Thomas Banks

These portraits cost a fraction of my regular custom portraits because they are packaged as a program with 3–5 sessions per day, each by appointment.

Just for you, I can provide the services of Jim Avila, the best Bay Area professional stylist available to do your hair, make-up, and wardrobe styling. (This service is what actors, advertising models, brides, and executives have for their promotional and personal images.) Please ask for a quote.

The portrait session: My outdoor studio in the garden or the indoor studio (depending on the weather) is the setting where you will have your individual portrait captured digitally. We will look at the images on the computer monitor where you can decide which ones you like best. The chosen images will then be processed as scans or as prints or both. The images can be ordered with retouching and will be processed and printed to a CD and sent to you promptly.

Please have anyone who must help you make decisions with you on the day of the sitting. Decisions will be final for that day even though you can make secondary orders within the month that the images will be kept.

Included: A session includes one hour of image-making and your choice of one final processed image on a CD for only $360.00 plus tax. Please send a deposit of $200 to secure a reservation. Or, if you prefer, there are other CD configurations available. You can order more images to be processed on the CD or prints in sizes from 4 x 6 to 8 x 10 at reasonable prices. After approximately one month the files will be removed from the computer and the images will be kept on CDs. Later should you want an image, a retrieval fee will be charged, but each image will still cost only $50 to process.

I continue to make portraits with negatives on my Hasselblad, printed in elegant color or beautiful black and white to be mounted and framed for generations of enjoyment. I also produce contemporary montages of portraits printed with archival pigment prints in color or black and white on different kinds of art papers. These custom portrait services are still available as I plan to remain a hybrid, photographically speaking!

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