Island Dreams

Margaretta Mitchell (photography and text), Sim Warkov (poems)
(Elysian Editions, 2017, 7.5 x 9, 72 pages, 44 images, 8 poems)

In the Post-World War II period, America was not only at the peak of power but also at the apex of idealism. It was a time longing for cultural innocence. In 1949 the Rogers and Hammerstein musical, South Pacific, was produced and mounted on the stage in New York. Bali Hai was a mystical place on the distant horizon, embodying and reinforcing myths about what could occur should we escape to such an exotic locale. In these images, the metaphor has no clothes; they portray the body in nature, surrendering to day and night, to dark and light. We escape manmade history. With play as our work, time is measured in the joy of discovery. View selected images below.

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